Beet 55

BEET 55 Liquid Organic Accelerator is a PNS approved additive used to enhance the performance of chloride (primarily NaCl) anti-icing solutions. This product is derived from a renewable resource of sugar beet molasses that is an environmentally safe alternative. NaCl solutions are typically blended with BEET 55 at rates between 20% to 35% based on performance expectations and weather conditions and with other chloride solutions typically in the 10% range.


BEET 55 NaCl enhanced solutions have proven performance features as an:

• Effective anti-icing and de-icing agent
• Excellent pre-wetting agent for NaCl crystals and sand
• Economical Stock pile treatment agent
• Reduces the levels of chloride corrosion significantly

BEET 55 benefits that include:

• Improved and extended levels of service
• Reduction in the use of winter road maintenance materials
• Reduces the corrosiveness of untreated NaCl solutions
• Improved utilization of labour and equipment
• Reduction in overall winter operational costs

Product Specifications


Appearance Brown
Dry Solids  55%
Specific Gravity  1.26 – 1.30
pH  6.0 – 9.0
Water Solubility Complete
Freeze Point -21o C (concentrate)


Package Size and Order Quantities

BEET 55 is available in bulk or commercial 1000 litre bulk package sizes, both as an additive for blending or in a finished premixed solution ready for use.