Calcium Chloride 77% and 94%

Multi-Use Calcium Chloride are a high concentration 77% and 94% calcium chloride flake/pellet products that uniquely offer a variety of seasonal applications that include:


Dust Suppression

Calcium chloride is an excellent dust suppressant where it’s hygroscopic nature attracts ambient moisture resulting in surfaces remaining in a damp condition, dust particulate bonding together and improving the overall level of compaction. This multi-use product offers an easy self application option to maintaining those areas where dust can become an issue during the summer season. Pre-wet area prior to application and wet again after application using 0.5 kg to 1.0 kg per M2 for best results, reapply throughout the season as may be required.

Tire ballast

Calcium chloride is ideal for making tire ballast solutions primarily for agriculture equipment where weight (density) and low freezing performance are important. The high calcium chloride content of the multi-use product can reduce the amount of material needed to be used in blending. OEM blending and filling recommendations should be followed.


Calcium chloride is an extremely effective de-icing and anti-icing agent on sidewalks and roadways. This product can maintain surfaces in a safer condition by eliminating or reducing the amount of ice and snow build up. The high melting capability and low temperature performance of calcium chloride allows it to be effectively used in cold weather conditions of -30oC and lower.

Never mix water into calcium chloride – Always mix calcium chloride into water.

Package Size and Order Quantities

Minimum pallet order quantities only – 40 x 25kg bags per pallet or 1000 kg commercial sacs per pallet.