DustGone X Plus

DustGone X and DustGone X Plus are high concentration calcium chloride (CaCl2) solutions that is excellent for use to minimize and control dust particulate and provide stabilization to unpaved (gravel) roads.


The hygroscopic nature of these products attracts ambient moisture which results in road surfaces being and remaining in a damp condition, dust particulate bonding together and improving the overall level of compaction. These solutions have a historical use and are approved against various governmental specifications for products used in dust suppression and stabilization applications.

Multi-Use CaCl2 77 and 94 are high content calcium chloride (CaCl2) flakes / pellets that can be used as an alternative to liquid solutions. These products are easy to apply and ideal for maintaining road areas where some additional treatment may be required from time to time or can be used in your entire program.

Premium Canada offers a complete product application service that can be tailored to meet your specific program requirements and scheduling, and our service trucks are equipped with application control and monitoring systems.

Product Specifications

DustGone X 32% CaCl2 solution
DustGone X Plus 35% CaCl2 solution
Multi-Use CaCl2 77 and 94 77% CaCl2 (flake) and 94% CaCl2 (pellets)

Product Availability

DustGone liquid products are available in commercial 1,000 L tote tanks and bulk. Multi-Use CaCl2 77 and 94 is available in 25 Kg and 1,000 Kg bag sizes. Minimum order quantities will apply.