DustGone XE

DustGone XE and DustGreen are dust suppression products that are alternatives to traditional chloride products in use today. These products are intended for applications where a reduction in the use of chlorides is preferred and where chloride-based solutions are unable to meet performance expectations.


DustGone XE is a blend of calcium chloride (CaCl2) and agricultural by-products (AB-P) and DustGreen is a chloride free, agricultural by-products based solution. In XE, chlorides are typically reduced by 50% from traditional chloride products and for DustGreen, zero chlorides are used.

Typical Solution Blend Specifications

DustGone XE 15% CaCl2 and 35% AB-P (other blends ration available)
DustGreen 50% AB-P

The hygroscopic nature of calcium chloride to attract ambient moisture (humidity) and the bonding characteristic of the agricultural by-products gives these solutions performances that are uniquely different. XE and DustGreen may work better and for longer periods of time in conditions where there is a higher presence of fine particulate, where traffic is constant and continuous and where humidity levels may be low for extended periods.

XE and DustGreen are available in standard blends as well as custom blends to address the specific conditions and makeup of the surfaces being treated. We will work with customers to develop a product that can address their specific conditions.

Note at this time DustGone XE and DustGreen are not listed on the approved products listing with the MOT in BC.

Premium Canada offers a complete application service that can be tailored to meet your particular program requirements and scheduling, and our company and contracted service trucks are equipped with application control and monitoring systems.

Product Availability

DustGone XE and DustGreen are available in bulk or commercial 1,000 L tote tanks. Minimum order quantities will apply. Note that DustGreen is available as a concentrate.