DustGreen is a dust suppression product that is an alternative to traditional chloride products in use today. This product is intended for applications where a reduction or elimination in the use of chlorides is preferred / required and where chloride-based solutions are unable to meet performance expectations.


DustGreen is a chloride free, agricultural by-products / organics based solution that’s bonding characteristic provides a uniquely different method of performance. DustGreen can work better and for longer periods of time in conditions where:

• there is a higher presence of fine particulate
• traffic is constant and continuous
• humidity levels may be low for extended periods

DustGreen is available in a standard blend (60 / 40), custom blends to address specific conditions and as a concentrate.

Typical Solution Blend Specifications


DustGreen 60% concentrate with 40% water by volume
DustGreen C  90% agricultural by products / organics


Premium Canada offers a complete application service that can be tailored to meet your particular program requirements and scheduling. Our company and contracted service trucks are equipped with application control and monitoring systems to ensure application accurately and accountable.

Product Availability

DustGreen comes as a ready to use pre-mix or concentrate and available in bulk or commercial 1,000 L tote tanks – minimum order quantities will apply.

For more information please contact Premium Canada at 250-766-0068