Ice Pro B

IcePro and IcePro XI anti-icing liquids consist of two traditional chloride solutions of sodium chloride (IcePro) and calcium chloride (IcePro XI) that have a long history of use in winter road and property maintenance programs. These type of solutions are well known and have been instrumental in the development of anti-icing and other strategies in winter maintenance programs over the years.


IcePro is available uninhibited and inhibited with Beet 55 at rates of 20% (IcePro B20) and 35% (IcePro B35) with custom blending options possible, and IcePro XI is inhibited with industry accepted additives.

The Beet 55 not only inhibits corrosion but enhances the product performance particularly in sodium chloride solutions. The applications of these products include, anti-icing as treatment to the road surface prior to a snow/frost event, pre-wetting of solid materials at the time of application and stockpile treatment to maintain materials in a free-flowing condition.

The selection of either IcePro, IcePro XI or Ice Pro B is typically based on existing or predicted weather/road conditions and service level strategies. Each product offers unique performance capabilities and selection would be based on the application and your particular program requirements. The product group consists of:

IcePro (uninhibited) IcePro XI
IcePro B20 and IcePro B35

Product Specifications

Composition (typical)

IcePro  23% (NaCl) solution
IcePro B20 and B35  23% (NaCl) solution enhanced with Beet 55
IcePro XI  30% (CaCl2) solution inhibited

Eutectic Temperatures

IcePro -21°C
IcePro B20 and B35 -29°C (potential)
IcePro XI -51°C Ice Pro

Package Size and Order Quantities

IcePro and IcePro X anti-icing liquids are available in bulk (minimum bulk quantities will apply) and 1,000 litre tote tanks.