Ice Pro B35

IcePro B35 (Septic) is a ready to use low freezing point solution that can prevent the freezing of waste solutions in portable septic units. This product is manufactured using a sodium chloride base (65%) and a high concentration agricultural by-product (primarily beet extract) additive package (35%) to make this solution more environmentally friendly and less corrosive to metals verses other chloride-based products.


IcePro B35 has a low freezing point in the -30oC range and when used in portable septic units can maintain the waste solutions in a liquid state that allows for easy pumping. This product is safe to handle, not hydroscopic and economical.

Other traditional applications of this product include; anti-icing as treatment to the road/walkway surfaces prior to a snow/frost event, pre-wetting of solid materials at the time of application and stockpile treatment to maintain materials in a free-flowing condition.

Product features include:

• Low freezing point at -30oC
• Less corrosive and more environmentally friendly
• Safe to handle and easy to use

Product benefits include:

• Keeps waste solutions in a liquid state
• Reduces pumping/cleaning time and improves efficiencies

Product Specifications

Appearance Amber to Brown
Odour Mild sweet
Corrosion TBA
Specific Gravity 1.20 – 1.28
Water Solubility Miscible
Freeze Point  -30o C

Package Size and Order Quantities

IcePro B35 Septic is available in bulk (minimum quantities will apply) or commercial 1,000 litre tote tank and 200 litre drum package sizes.