Ice Shield Xb

Ice Shield is a ready to use liquid release agent that prevents the freezing to or bonding of materials to metal and other surfaces in sub zero temperatures. This product is manufactured using agricultural by-products that makes it more environmentally friendly and less corrosive (non) verses traditional chloride-based products.


Ice Shield is an ideal for use in treating the inside of wood chip and waste haulers container/trailer where the higher moisture content of the materials make them prone to freezing to surfaces during colder winter months. Other applications would include treating of equipment or surfaces were the need to prevent ice formation is important. These products are easy to apply and safe to handle.

Ice Shield product features include:

• Low freezing point at -35oC
• Good vertical adhesion
• Less (non) corrosive and more environmentally friendly
• Safe to handle and easy to apply

Ice Shield product benefits include:

• Reduces the freezing/bonding of materials to metal and other surfaces
• Reduces the loss of materials that become unloadable
• Reduces delivery times, cleaning and improves efficiencies

Product Specifications

Appearance Amber to Brown
Odour Mild sweet
Corrosion TBA
Specific Gravity  1.26 – 1.28
Water Solubility Miscible
Freeze Poin t -35o C

Package Size and Order Quantities

Ice Shield is available in bulk (minimum quantities will apply) or commercial 1,000 litre tote tanks.